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RHP certification

{ 6 September, 2018 }

To guarantee the quality of our products, Nestaan works continuously with internationally renowned knowledge centers this to test our vermiculite among our other products on various safety and quality criteria.
In favor of horticultural use, it is with great pride that the Board of Directors of Nestaan NV can announce that from now on our exfoliated vermiculite is RHP certified. Based on assessment and checks executed by ECAS, the company complies with the requirements as determined in the Product Certification Scheme of the RHP quality mark.
With this certification, horticulture professionals can rely on the Nestaan vermiculite as a safe in use product with an excellent quality.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to receive more information about this excellent news.

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Solar panels

{ 16 July, 2018 }

With a brand new installation of solar panels, Nestaan takes its responsibility on environmental sustainability.
The installation surface of over 2100m² of solar panels makes it possible for Nestaan to work as of today on 100% green electricity, including the production of our exfoliated vermiculite and passive fire protection.

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Summer Closing Days

{ 30 May, 2018 }

Dear Customers,

Because of our yearly summer break, Nestaan will be closed from Monday 23/07/2018 until Friday 03/08/2018.
Thank you in advance for taking these closing days in account regarding your orders of vermiculite, perlite, polyurethane and passive fire protection products.

We wish everyone a great summer holiday!

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RHP Certification

{ 21 March, 2018 }

To give our customers the certainty around the stability and quality of our products, Nestaan works continuously with internationally renowned knowledge centers.

And so also for our vermiculite, as we recently started various tests to obtain the RHP-label.

With the RHP-certification we can ensure everybody active in the horticulture that the Nestaan vermiculite is a safe, clean and quality product!

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The past few years Nestaan delivered its Sprayed Limpet vermiculite (SLV) towards Hong Kong, this for the construction of the Central to Wan Chai Bypass (CWB) tunnel. In total a surface of 220 000m² was covered with our passive fire protective spray mortar.

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Closing days

{ 17 November, 2017 }

During the Christmas period Nestaan will be closed from the 23rd of December until the first of January.

To ensure deliveries before this closing period, orders of vermiculite, perlite and spray applied passive fire protection systems should be sent to us before the 13th of December.

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ISO certificate renewed!

{ 3 October, 2017 }

Last month a new ISO audit was carried out at Nestaan. We passed this inspection flawlessly and so we are proud to communicate that the ISO 9001:2015 certificate has been renewed!
This certification proves our continuous quality improvement, this for our passive fire protection as well as our exfoliated vermiculite and trade products.

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Closing days

{ 24 May, 2017 }

Now that the sun and hot temperatures have finally arrived in Belgium, it is time for Nestaan to announce its closing days during the summer months.

From July 21 till August 4 we will be closed. On Monday, August 7, Nestaan will be open again.

Thank you in advance for taking this in account regarding the delivery periods for all orders of vermiculite, polyurethane and passive fire products!

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UL1709 certification

{ 3 May, 2017 }

Nestaan is proud to announce the UL1709 certification on its Sprayed Limpet Vermiculite External (SLV External), this after a profound testing program at Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) in the USA.
Another proof of quality, expertise, sustainability and reliable safety of our passive fire protection product!

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{ 17 March, 2017 }

Quality products ask for quality packaging!

Our continuous striving for the best packaging solutions pays off, as for example all the bags of our Sprayed Limpet Vermiculite products (passive fire protection) are always stacked and wrapped steadily with our automatic packaging line.

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